The late, great Christopher Hitchens, who in speaking on the influence of Thomas Paines', Common Sense, said of Paine, "Undoubtedly, was the moral author of the Declaration of Independence." This lack of moral leadership out of Washington is rotting America; And that putrid rot is infecting the world.

The Trump presidency is in its fourth year. A quick review reveals a toilet paper roll of degeneracy, divisiveness, lack of moral leadership, refusal to accept responsibility for anything, debasement of everything and everyone, treason, corruption. Consider his strongest qualities: an inveterate liar without empathy, fuelled by revenge, emotionally brittle, and consistently, embarrassingly petty.

Even with the first paragraph serving as an accurate depiction of the Trump administration, could you have envisioned an event in which he could possibly make things worse? Well, lucky you: Enter the Covid-19 pandemic. The first three-years of Trump's presidency wrought havoc largely to the constitution and philosophic underpinnings of the American Republic. The Covid-19 pandemic, however, provides harrowing proof of the consequences for Trump's lies, lack of leadership, accountability and pettiness: 164,000+ American dead as of August 10, 2020.

Right now, it is tough to say which is worse: Covid-19 or Trump. Both are toxic. The difference is Covid-19 doesn’t lie. Make no mistake, this presidents' criminal negligence and pettiness is directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans - Democrat and Republican. Now America is behind the eight ball in dealing with this unfolding pandemic. President Trump is a clear and present danger to all Americans.

If Trump has his way, America will look identical to another of his 'success' stories - the Trump Taj Mahal: a gutted, broken unwanted landscape. Then, he and his low-life grifter family will walk away while they blame everyone else.

Tatlow & Rawlings now step into the breach. Towards the light! To the fight!!

Common Sense Movement

It's Origins

At Tatlow & Rawlings, we know that utopia does not exist. Having said that, western culture broadly, and America specifically, should be doing better.

Much of American/Western culture has gone off the rails in the 21st century. Everyone feels aggrieved. Public discourse today is so intolerant that no one is allowed to occupy an intellectual middle ground without being utterly demonized. Instead of curiosity and thoughtful inquiry during discussions, what one instead finds is a lack of common sense, critical thinking and intellectual dishonesty.

Washingtons’ aristocracy, the political class, bears a lot of responsibility. Democrats and Republicans should lead by example, but don’t. And for the Trump Administration, the preferred means of communication is a bouillabaisse of lies disseminated to a citizenry for which they have utter contempt.

Why Thomas Paine Now?

There is no time like the present to champion the continued relevance and power of Thomas Paines’ works - in particular Common Sense, Crisis and Rights of Man. His works combined with the current political climate in the United States serve as a clarion call for a return to common sense, critical thought and logic.

In 1776 America was founded as the people saw a bright autonomous future, so they fought for and won independence from Britain. In 2020, the people do not seem to realize how perilously close they are to losing the American republic. 244-years of this glorious Republic lost, not to a noble cause, but to a cowardly, lying conman. And remember: Regardless of whether Trump wins or loses the election, he won't go quietly. He will ruin everything and everyone before leaving.

1. Focus on the fact that the Trump presidency is a Crisis not only for America but billions worldwide. As Paine wrote in Common Sense, “The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.”

2. Champion the rebirth of the persuasive, self-evident logic underlying Thomas Paines’ writing, which influenced events in both the American and French Revolution.

3. Make our case for the Common Sense Movement via a two-pronged approach: Creating content of substance and humor.

4. Aspire for a day when all discourse is weighted by common sense, critical thinking and logic.

5. Explore how the Tatlow & Rawlings Common Sense Movement can participate in political reform and/or lead to the creation of a third party.


Something is Wrong with the Machine

If Trump is going down, he'll be sure to ruin everything and everyone on his way. America will look like the Trump Taj Mahal - a gutted, broken, unwanted landscape. Even then, he and his grifter family will still blame everyone else.

Song, Ground by Hed Pe
Profound appreciation to Jahred, the legendary driving force of Hed Pe, for allowing us to use of a portion of this monster song.

And Furthermore...

History is packed with famous duos. Tatlow & Rawlings now step into the breach.

He doesn't want the truth. Too bad. He's got another thing coming.


Two Diseases

Both equally toxic to humanity. The difference: the Coronavirus doesn't lie.
Fun fact: This lying slob hides sizzling strips of bacon underneath his tits for a quick afternoon snack.


The Brand Says it All

As the packaging says, it is for the person who wants a certain 'look'.


Lying is Truth

"I speak multiple languages. Ass is my mother tongue."


Everything he Touches

His greatest legacy.