A Price to Pay

Make no mistake, America will pay the price - economically, politically, militarily and diplomatically - for having elected Trump president. There is a cost, a ripple effect, for Trumps' lack of moral leadership, the unending lies, inbred pettiness, treason and blatant corruption. Trump and his administrations' disregard of law and ruin of institutions, and the distain for common sense, critical thought and logic have rotted civilized life. The longer Trump remains president, the greater the price America will pay long term. This is a crisis.

Crisis: 1776 & Again in 2020

The first of Thomas Paine's 13 Crisis essays in 1776 provided much needed emotional and psychological support for a republican military force that seemed mentally and physically spent.

General George Washington read the first essay to the troops. The effect was instantaneous and amazing! Paine’s essay bolstered and re-energized the troops. Their courage and sacrifice was vital to victory, and the subsequent establishment of the American Republic.

244-years later the American republic needs help again. The mind-numbing twist in 2020 is that the American citizen must save themselves and the American republic from the President and others within the White House!

"Let it be told to the future world, that in the depth of winter, when nothing but hope and virtue could survive, that the city and the country, alarmed at one common danger, came forth to meet and to repulse it."

Crisis ~ Thomas Paine, 1776

How We Got Here

The Seeds
The seeds for this Crisis were sowm long before Trump's election. A broad, deep-seeded dysfunction exists throughout American culture: Everyone aggrieved and intolerant.

Getting rid of Trump is just the tip of the partisan political boil that must be lanced for the health of the American republic.
Fed-up Electorate
The fact is an enormous percentage of American voters were fed-up with all of Washington. Voters were fed up with all politicians, all the PACS, all the smug political establishment, and on and on. Clearly, something Trump said on the campaign trail resonated with voters.

Among the other post-election surprises: Just how disliked Hilary Clinton and/or the Clinton name is; and the Clinton campaigns' blunder by not paying enough attention to Democratic strongholds in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.
News Source Fragmentation
The reputation of mainstream media was already at all time lows in terms of trust and credibility before the 2016 presidential campaign kicked off.

Add to the above the embarrassing fact they all picked Clinton to win. And the media wasn't just wrong on one poll, no. They were jaw-droppingly wrong throughout the entire presidential campaign! Are you guys all shopping at the same grocery store? How does this happen?

Two other realities emerged to further diminish the longstanding authority and advertising revenue of traditional mainstream media: Obama's 2008 presidential campaign was the first to effectively tap into the fund raising power of social media; And in 2016, Trump's idiot savant usage of Twitter gained him unimagined coverage and bang-for-the-buck compared to Clinton's more conventionally run campaign.
Everyone Was Wrong
American University Professor, Allan Lichtman alone predicted Trump's election victory. But EVERYONE else, wrong: All media, all polsters, the poltical campaigns of both Republican and Democratic parties, all think tanks. WRONG!

And to whatever extent Russia interferred in the 2016 election, the overarching fact is everyone was wrong. Everyone predicted a comfortable Clinton win: No one, save Professor, Allan Lichtman, predicted a Trump win.
Bully the Bully
Remember the Obama phrase, "When he goes low, we go high?" It was a noble but useless attempt to hang on to a portion of the rhetorical stage. Trump can't be shamed. Tragically, in 2018, his inbred debasing of the office of President of the United States of America and endless lies win the day or preoccupy minds.

And remember how all the checks and balances were eventually going to get Trump? Wrong. In fact, the fact partisan politics prevented Trump from being impeached shows you how little democracy means. The only way to beat someone like this is to bully-the-bully. You hammer the shit out of him with substance AND humor; and win the election.
One essential component for the Common Sense Movement is a non-partisan, pro-citizen position. A grassroots change in which the lunantic, scorched earth stance of partisan politics is gone. Ambitious? Yes. Necessary? Yes, because Washington is hopelessly corrupt.

The Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government are owned by and function largely for big money, special interests and the Democratic and Republican establishment, not the average citizen. In view of that, it’s almost laughable to see the average American defending their party against the other, as if it made a difference.
Checks and Balances
Remember how virtually everyone - from legal scholars to media - said the numerous checks and balances in place would assuredly keep a corrupt/treasonous President Trump in line. Wrong! AGAIN!!

The revealed horror was just how easily Trump destroyed that myth. And you know how Trump managed to skilfully navigate the constitutional artifice? He basically said, "All that intellectual talk means Jack to me. Fuck you." This fact unearthed a second undelying horror: Washington has functioned this way for years. The various legal processes available to remove such a President turned out to be both painfully slow politically and was rendered impotent due to partisan politics.

Congressmen, senators, legal scholars knew, or quickly realized this fact. Such a President did not require a swarm of constitutional lawyers to successfully wriggle free of the fabled checks and balances. All he had to say was, "Fuck you."
Russian Election Interference
The Russians assisted the Trump campaign directly and/or sowed confusion/discord in the American electorate in 2016. As we have heard in testimony, the Russians will help Trump again in 2020.

What is the Democratic party doing legally to counter the Russian effort? Should they / are they considering conducting their own nefarious counter campaign?

What if anything is the American intelligence community doing to nullify Russian efforts and/or to assist the Democratic campaign? What divisions exist within the American intelligence community that pits pro-Trump (Russians) camps against anti-Trump camps?

There is a legal word for this situation. It's on the tip of my tongue. What...is..it? Uh....
Ah! It's a schmozzle.