"The Cause of America is in a Great Measure the Cause of all Mankind." - Thomas Paine

Urgent Matters

The late, great Christopher Hitchens, who in speaking on the influence of Thomas Paines', Common Sense, said of Paine, "Undoubtedly, was the moral author of the Declaration of Independence."

This lack of moral leadership out of Washington is rotting America; And that putrid rot is infecting the world.

In private life, Trump - the narcissitic, conman - often bullied others into submission. He now realizes, after one-year in office, that a democratic president does not bully people like a two-bit thug. Trump, however, will not accept this fact. Consequently, his behavior is becoming more desperate, irrational and vengeful. Remember this: If President Trump is going down, he won't go alone. He will be sure to destroy everything and everyone on the way down.

At Tatlow & Rawlings, we know that utopia does not exist. Having said that, America specifically and Western culture broadly should be doing better.


Much of American/Western culture has gone off the rails in the 21st century. Everyone feels aggrieved. Public discourse today is so intolerant that no one is allowed to occupy any middle ground without being utterly demonized. Instead of curiosity and thoughtful inquiry during discussions, what one instead finds is a lack of common sense and intellectual dishonesty - add to that a lack of critical thinking and logic too.

Washingtons’ aristocracy, the political class, bears a lot of responsibility. Democrats and Republicans should lead by example, but they don’t. And for the Trump Administration, the preferred means of communication is a bouillabaisse of idiocy and lies - some laughably unsupported by fact or logic - disseminated to a citizenry for which they have utter contempt.

There is no time like the present to champion the continued relevance and power of Thomas Paines’ works - in particular Common Sense, Crisis and Rights of Man. His works combined with the current political climate in the United States serve as a clarion call for a return to common sense, critical thought and logic. America’s 242-year old history of achievement and good will is being squandered by Trump, the intellecutal guttersnipe. A guy eager to showcase his best personal qualities - lying and treasonous corruption - with every breath.

1. Focus on the fact that the Trump presidency is a Crisis not only for America but billions worldwide. As Paine wrote in Common Sense, “The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.”

2. Champion the rebirth of the persuasive, self-evident logic underlying Thomas Paines’ writing, which influenced events in both the American and French Revolution.

3. Make our case for the Common Sense Movement via a two-pronged approach: Produce content of substance and content of humor.

4. Aspire to develop the Common Sense Movement. A day when common sense, critical thinking and logic in political discourse is the preferred method of exchange not as they are now - often unused faculties.

5. Provide a channel for like-minded individuals and organizations to support one another, share resources and strategies for regaining control over the political process.

6. Explore how the Tatlow & Rawlings Common Sense Movement can participate in political reform and/or lead to the creation of a third party.


thomas paine

Born February 9, 1737 in Thetford, Norfolk, Great Britain.
Died June 8, 1809 New York City, USA

A man who had an impact on both the American and French Revolutions.

His father was a Quaker, his mother, Anglican. Paine’s modest upbringing had little formal education. He worked for a period as an officer of the excise, trying to collect taxes. Paine suffered a few professional failures and personal tragedy in 1760 as both his wife and child died at childbirth. Shortly after, his business of making stay ropes (thick rope stays used on sailing ships) went under. Paine’s life changed forever when he met Benjamin Franklin, purely by chance, who was in England on a visit. Franklin suggested Paine move to America to begin a new life. Paine took Franklins’ advice and letters of introduction and moved to America in 1774.

common sense

The general concepts of Common Sense flowed from the crow quill nib of Thomas Paine in 1776. Not until the publication of Paines’, Common Sense in January, 1776 did the political leadership of the day seriously begin entertaining the notion of independence. Washington, Franklin and Jefferson, who were initially satisfied pursuing an airing of grievances with Britain, changed their mind to full separation and independence after reading Common Sense. A view shared by a majority of the 2.7-Million Colonists. And think about this: Common Sense sold 300,000 pamphlets in the first 3-months! And these figures are in the 1770s!



The success of Common Sense eventually gave way to the Revolutionary War of 1776 and, again, the pen of Thomas Paine.
General George Washington and his Continental Army were camped at Valley Forge for six long months from late 1777 to June, 1778. Even though no battle was fought here, Washingtons’ forces faced the harsh winter elements and low morale. Upon hearing this Paine wrote an article which so impressed General Washington that he ordered it read to the troops at Valley Forge. Over the next 6-years, Paine would write another dozen articles titled, The American Crisis.
241-years later the United States of America is in peril again, but this time, from Washington itself! And not surprisingly, the works of Thomas Paine have never been more inspiring and vital.


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